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Mystery 2: Mrs. Mary's Lost Kitten

4 girls were walking home from school. They were talking about what happened in S.S class.

” So what are we going to do for our ‘good deed’ ” asked Anneleise.

” I dunno…” replied Chen as she tied her black hair in a ponytail. “Meet you girls at Luciana’s house after my track practice” said Chen.

“See ya later ” said Luciana. Then she turned to the other two girls. “Off to my house!”

Later, when they reached, Ms.Fernandez baked some cookies! They were really good!

“Thanks Ms.Fernandez” said Coco, munching down her cookie. ” Remember to save two for Chen.”

” So, whats going on today?” asked Ms.Fernandez. ” In Social Studies, Ms.Grayling said we had to do a good deed by the weekend. She paired us up for the project. when we do a good deed and we have to present what we did to the class” explained Coco, after helping herself with one more cookie.

“How about you girls go in the neighborhood and find something? After Chen comes back of course,” suggested Ms.Fernandez. “Ok” the girls replied.

When Chen came back, the girls went outside. They walked around for 5 minutes. Soon, they were ready to give up.

“I’m going back home” Luciana declared. Suddenly, Annelise saw something.

” Look! It’s Mrs. Mary and Mr.Mary! Wait… is Mrs.Mary crying?” Annelise said. The girls rushed over to Mrs and Mr.Mary.

“Need any help?” asked Coco. Mr.Mary looked up. ” Thats very kind of you girls to ask. Elizabeth, I mean Mrs.Mary, is just sad because her kitten ran away.”

“We’ll help!” said Chen confidently. The others agreed with her. Mrs.Mary looked up. “Oh thank you girls!” said Mrs.Mary. When the girls left, Luciana whispered to the other 3 girls.

“Isn’t it weird that Mrs. Mary only cared about the cat, but not Mr.Mary. A little suspicious, if I may say.”

“Wait, doesn’t Mr.Mary work for The Animal Shelter? Animals have been missing from that shelter for the last month! And now Their kitten! Do you guys think that Mr.Mary is… well.. taking all of these animals?” pointed out Coco.

“We can’t jump to conclusions Coco, but lets ask them if we could look around their house,” said Annelise.

The girls went to the Mary’s house. Mrs.Mary let them go inside and the first place they went to was Mr.Mary’s office. Annelise noticed something.

” Look at this girls. Wait.. I’ll read it. Bills for the Animal Producer due Monday. Wow. Mr.Mary works for an Animal shelter and an animal killer. Mr.Mary killed their kitten.”

They told Mrs.Mary what happened.

“I.. I’m shocked! Is it true Henry?”

Mr.Mary looked down at his feet. “I can’t believe you Henry. Thank you girls. I’ve got to go plan this divorce,” remarked Mrs.Mary. And disappeared. On Monday. the 4 girls got an A+ on the assignment.

“I’m very proud of you girls” said Ms.Grayling.

Copyright © Nitara Baruah

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